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Meet Dr Raath

Quote: “There IS a better way to do this – we must just find it.”

Meet Dr Raath

As a specialist anesthesiologist, my personal mantra was always “There must be a better way to this,” no matter what “this” happened to be. Fortunately, more often than not, I found a better way, which led me to revise my motto to “There IS a better way to do this – we must just find it.”

Throughout my lengthy career in medicine, I specialized in anesthesiology, but my interest in acute pain eventually led me to develop a fascination with chronic pain as well. About ten years ago, I decided to take the bold step of leaving anesthesiology to open a clinic that focuses solely on managing and treating chronic pain in all its forms.

Our clinic strives to help chronic pain sufferers understand that they are not alone, and that chronic pain is a real and manageable condition with the help of properly trained medical professionals. We also educate patients on what chronic pain is and what they can do to manage it themselves. The management of chronic pain is an entirely different game than that of acute pain; it requires a completely different approach.

As a medical specialist, I have found that pain treatment in general medicine is woefully overlooked, and this realization has had a significant impact on my personal beliefs and values. My focus and motivation in life stem from my passion for innovation and discovering new ways to address the larger issues at hand. While this may occasionally disrupt the status quo, I firmly believe that to make progress, one must explore new territory and challenge the current methods and practices.

At our clinic, there is no “one size fits all” treatment approach. Instead, we examine each case thoroughly, diagnose it properly, and develop an appropriate treatment plan based on the individual’s unique needs and circumstances.